The Adventures of a Real Estate Investor

AREI 113: Asset Management 101: Strategies, Techniques, and Best Practices with Gary Lipsky

May 09, 2023 Michael & Suzy Season 3 Episode 113
The Adventures of a Real Estate Investor
AREI 113: Asset Management 101: Strategies, Techniques, and Best Practices with Gary Lipsky
Show Notes

Asset management is a crucial skill for real estate investors who want to maximize the value and return of their properties. In this episode, we welcome Gary Lipsky, as we explore some of the techniques and best practices for effective real estate asset management, from finding consistent revenue sources to reducing expenditures and managing risks.

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Gary is a Multifamily Syndicator who has done ¼ billion in real estate transactions. He is the President of Break of Day Capital, whose mission is to positively impact the lives of their investors and the communities in which they invest through the highest level of transparency and fiduciary responsibility. Gary is the host of the Real Estate Asset Management Podcast and best-selling author of Best In Class. As a successful entrepreneur, Gary has built several companies, co-produced 3 independent films and started a non-profit.

[00:00 - 09:33]
• We welcome Gary Lipsky to the show.
• Gary Lipsky and his background on how he started real estate investing? 
• Why did Gary focus on creating more information about asset management?
• Involving your property management company from the very beginning is a must. 
• What they were focusing to bring on those asset management summits?
• Biggest takeaway that that he got from all of his guest and reoccurring mistake that      new  asset managers make?
[09:34 -19:14]
• Tracking the bottlenecks and loss of lease tracking.
• Why asset management are not the main focus for some people?
• A little shake up in the market is good?  
• The key with appreciation or not knowing that with your value add strategy it is       achievable.
• Gary if he would consider getting AI tools involved in asset management? 

[19:17 - 30:27]
• Advice for someone who wants to invest passively but doesn't know 
   the operator that well? 
• Gary's book and podcast focusing on asset management .
• What's next for Gary in the future? A second edition of his book?
• Asking Gary Lipsky the Adventurous Four 

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  " A really good asset manager could take a bad property and make it good and make a good property great." - Gary Lipsky

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